Friday, May 28, 2010

Abalone dinner

I've been to Ah Yat for dinner once and that was the first time i tasted abalone.

The restaurant was already quite packed on that Saturday evening. We spent quite some time perusing the menu. We wanted abalone and were trying to decide whether the ala carte or the set meal would be better value for money. The prices were so exorbitant - either choice would be heavy on our pockets. We consulted a waitress and finally decided on the set meals. Food wise not bad, would say slightly better than normal Chinese restaurant.

You can order set meal or ala carte there with your own preference. For me, I ordered a set meal which come with

The shark fin soup was likewise rich and indulging. There were generous portions of shark fins and the soup tasted sweet and delicious. The soup was unlike the normal starchy shark fin that are served in most restaurants. I much prefer the Ah Yat version. I scrapped the bottom and savored every drop of it.

Abalone was the highlight of the meal. The dish was cooked in a simple Chinese sauce to allow the diner to enjoy the original flavors.

beacon meat

fried rice

We supplemented our sweet with a plate of bird nest (燕窝) egg tart. And it was wonderful. It was rather expensive and the tarts were just bite size. There were ample bird nest in the tarts. The bird nest melted in the mouth together with the soft creamy egg. It was the first time I had such a delicacy. The money spent was worth the experience.

The services there are quite satisfactory. They are quick to respond to your needs.


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